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School may be off for the next month, but that wont stop the UNR Human Powered Vehicle Team from continuing towards their goal of winning this year’s ASME HPVC Competition!

Prototype analysis and improvement will continue through break, and it is expected that we will have our second prototype iteration completed by the start of Spring semester.

As always, we are in need of more sponsors.  Please take a look at our sponsorship page for more information and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on the team or if you have any questions on how to sponsor the team.

Happy Holidays from the UNR HPVC Team!


Details for the 2010 East and West Coast ASME Human Powered Vehicle Challenges have been announced.

The East Coast competition will be hosted by Central Connecticut University on May 7-9, and the West Coast event will be hosted by California State University-Northridge on April 23-25.

The UNR Human Powered Vehicle Challenge Team is still looking for sponsors and we are halfway to our fundraising goal for this year.   If you would like to join our team of sponsors or would like more information regarding the team, click the “Become A Sponsor” Tab above this post.

Sierra Nevada Corporation is the newest sponsor of the 2010 UNR Human Powered Vehicle Team!  Thank you to Scott Waters and everyone over at SNC for their help and support with this year’s bike.  SNC and Scott have also offered FEA and CFD advisement for the team’s design.  This will really help us to build the fastest and safest design possible.  Thanks again to SNC and Scott!

If you or your company would like to sponsor the 2010 UNR Human Powered Vehicle Team, have a look at our sponsorship page for more information.