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After the first few meetings of design and fundraising talk, we got the feeling the true meaning of the UNR Human Powered Vehicle Team was getting lost on some people.  So to account for this, a fun little team building exercise was planned for last Tuesday’s meeting.

After getting eight bikes donated to us by Reno Kiwanis, we divided everyone up into four teams and set them off on their own to design and build two tall bikes and two tandem-train bikes.  Everyone had a blast chopping up these old bikes and welding them all back together, showing just how creative a bunch of engineers can be when you give them free reign over some scrap metal and a Welder!

In the end, our welding machine broke down midway through the build-off and we couldn’t finish everything, but once it gets fixed, we will be back up and running with a fleet of funky bikes!

A UNR Sagebrush photographer was there snapping photos of the build off, so check back here in a week or so for the link to the story.  Once we get in touch with the photographer, we will have some pictures up of all the fun we had.

Thanks again to Reno Kiwanis for donating our building materials and thanks as well to Jason Erikson and Scott Waters for helping the team out at the meeting!  The next team meeting will be October 6, once again, 6:30 in the Palmer Engineering Lounge.