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The new HPVC season has begun! For some time now we’ve been working on the design for next year’s bike. Looks like we have some fun stuff in the mix. We also have a large enough team to have two bikes again this year.

Current Items: Prototyping, Fundraising, Fundraising, Design, and Fundraising.

This year’s competition will take place in Montana, probably sometime in April. Exact dates have yet to be determined.


We had a great competition! Aside from some trouble during our travels and a few bike problems during the competition all went smoothly.  Maverick placed 6th overall and Goose placed 5th. More pics/information to come.

Needless to say we had a great time! Thank you to all our sponsors who made this competition possible!

The UNR Human Powered Vehicle Team is well on its way to completing the final bike!  I can’t wait to get some laps in on it!  Our innovative fairing design for this year incorporated the use of flat panels made from carbon fiber.  This technique allows us to build the entire fairing in less than a week.  Below is a mock-up of the full size fairing using cardboard cutouts.  Not only will we be going fast, we’ll be doing it with style!!  Stay posted for the unveiling of the final bike, Maverick!

The prototype part 5 or 6 or whatever number we are on now, has officially been ridden by the team’s very own test pilot!   The design is looking great and with a few minor tweaks to the steering and drivetrain we should have a fully operational bike up and running by the week’s end.  A few teasers of the newest design will be posted within the next few days, so stay posted to this site!  Final bike design is well under way and physical testing of our Rollover protection system should begin sometime in the next two weeks.  The competition is looming ever closer and the UNR Human Powered Vehicle Team is getting stronger by the day!

As always, the hunt for sponsors continues!  Be sure to take a look at our Sponsorship page for information on how you can contribute to the team!

The frame team has been working diligently over the last few months on frame design and how their vision is becoming a reality!  Prototype building has begun and the Palmer Engineering basement is a buzz with pipe cutting, welding, classic rock radio stations, and pizza.  The prototype will provide proof of concept to the main design feature on this year’s human powered vehicle.   Once the prototype is finished we will begin testing and analysis on the design and begin working towards the final bike’s development.  Pictures of the prototype will be uploaded as soon as they become availiable, so continue to check the team’s website for updates.

SR 105We had an awesome time out at the Battle Mountain Human Powered Vehicle Championships on Friday.  Watched the early morning qualifying runs and even got to help out and compete in the drag races held later in the day!  We witnessed three world records get set during the evening races.  Sam Wittingham broke his own record going 82.8 mph, Barbara Buatois broke the record she set earlier in the week at 75.4 mph, and Greg Westlake set the handcycle world record at 44.4 mph!  An amazing feat by all three riders.  This really shows just how efficient and powerful a Human Powered Vehicle can be.

Click the above pictures or this link to check out all the pictures we got at Friday’s event and be sure to look at the videos too.  The video of Sam going 82 mph is insane; most people don’t believe it is a human powered vehicle in the video!

More pictures from the whole week of racing, along with speed results and more can be found at here.

2010 UNR Human Powered Vehicle Team is alive and kicking! Check this page for updates throughout the year as we build one of the most advanced and high performance bikes to ever leave the Palmer Engineering Building Basement!

Don’t forget to check out all the pictures from last year’s competition!  Follow the link at the bottom of the page.