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Okay, so it’s just a lego model, but the basic fundamentals of our prototype design have now been determined and the team is ready to start building the second iteration of The UNR Human Powered Vehicle!  Building with Legos proved to be the most effective way of manipulating our design ideas, as having six people gathered around a computer screen looking at a digital model could only spark so much creativity.   A digital model will be built in SolidWorks for all necessary safety analysis and FEA, pictures will be up as soon as this is completed.

Prototype 2.0 construction will begin next week while we try to hold true to our goal of having a finished product by start of school.  The team is very confident in our latest design and while it may need some tweaking, it will be by far the most innovative bike at this year’s ASME Human Powered Vehicle Challenge.


School may be off for the next month, but that wont stop the UNR Human Powered Vehicle Team from continuing towards their goal of winning this year’s ASME HPVC Competition!

Prototype analysis and improvement will continue through break, and it is expected that we will have our second prototype iteration completed by the start of Spring semester.

As always, we are in need of more sponsors.  Please take a look at our sponsorship page for more information and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on the team or if you have any questions on how to sponsor the team.

Happy Holidays from the UNR HPVC Team!

The frame team has been working diligently over the last few months on frame design and how their vision is becoming a reality!  Prototype building has begun and the Palmer Engineering basement is a buzz with pipe cutting, welding, classic rock radio stations, and pizza.  The prototype will provide proof of concept to the main design feature on this year’s human powered vehicle.   Once the prototype is finished we will begin testing and analysis on the design and begin working towards the final bike’s development.  Pictures of the prototype will be uploaded as soon as they become availiable, so continue to check the team’s website for updates.

After the first few meetings of design and fundraising talk, we got the feeling the true meaning of the UNR Human Powered Vehicle Team was getting lost on some people.  So to account for this, a fun little team building exercise was planned for last Tuesday’s meeting.

After getting eight bikes donated to us by Reno Kiwanis, we divided everyone up into four teams and set them off on their own to design and build two tall bikes and two tandem-train bikes.  Everyone had a blast chopping up these old bikes and welding them all back together, showing just how creative a bunch of engineers can be when you give them free reign over some scrap metal and a Welder!

In the end, our welding machine broke down midway through the build-off and we couldn’t finish everything, but once it gets fixed, we will be back up and running with a fleet of funky bikes!

A UNR Sagebrush photographer was there snapping photos of the build off, so check back here in a week or so for the link to the story.  Once we get in touch with the photographer, we will have some pictures up of all the fun we had.

Thanks again to Reno Kiwanis for donating our building materials and thanks as well to Jason Erikson and Scott Waters for helping the team out at the meeting!  The next team meeting will be October 6, once again, 6:30 in the Palmer Engineering Lounge.


The UNR Human Powered Vehicle Team will be heading out to check out the Battle Mountain World Human Powered Speed Challenge this Friday.  We will be checking out all the awesome bikes and hopefully we will be lucky enough to see some record breaking speed runs!  Pictures from our travels are soon to follow!  Click the picture above or this link to check out the event’s website.

Our second UNR Human Powered Vehicle Team meeting went off with a bang yesterday!  We had all the new members from the first meeting returning, even with a few extras!  Our numbers for this year are looking really good and the fact that we have more than two women on the team is something we are very proud of.

As for the meeting, Chris and Brandon discussed with the team some of their ideas and insights into this year’s “Secondary Human Powered Bike Project”.  After some brainstorming, they are going to come back into the next meeting with a general plan for what will be done.  Can’t wait to see what those guys will come up with!  We also discussed some fairing designs and are still working on designing the Lamborghini of three-wheeled Human Powered Vehicles so stay tuned!  Testing of various design ideas is still in progress and more ideas are coming through the pipe as we speak!

Probably the coolest thing about yesterday’s meeting was we had Jason Erikson come down and bring his Varnator human powered vehicle which will be racing in this year’s Battle Mountain Championships!  The bike is really cool and everyone was excited to see a 60+ mph human powered vehicle.  We learned a few things from Jason and he let us ride his training recumbent up and down the university roads.  Thank you Jason for stopping by and helping to show the new team members what a professionally made human powered vehicle looks like!

So thanks again to Jason and everyone who showed up, we look forward to seeing you all again at our next meeting on September 22, once again at 6:30 pm in the Palmer Engineering lounge. We are still in the process of acquiring sponsors for this year’s bike so if you are interested, click the link at the top of the page!

The first UNR Human Powered Vehicle Team meeting went well last night.  We welcomed eight new people onto the team and we are more than happy to have them!  Congrats to Brandon and Chris who were selected to be the Team Leads for the Secondary Human Powered Bike Project.  These HPVC veterans will be overseeing a $500 budget to improve, in any way possible, last year’s Human Powered Vehicle, Waldo.  John “Pinky” Malinowski was also appointed as the Training Coordinator to keep the team fit and ready for the competition, big ups to him for taking on the immense challenge of getting engineers in shape!  We are going to need every advantage at this year’s ASME Human Powered Vehicle Challenge.

Our Meeting schedule was also determined last night.  We will be meeting up every other Tuesday at 6:30 pm in the ASME Lounge (Palmer 211).  That being said, our next meeting will be September 8th.

Thanks again to everyone who came out last night and hope you all had fun riding the bikes around the quad, see you on the 8th!

The first UNR Human Powered Vehicle Team meeting is scheduled for this Wednesday, August 26th at 6:30 pm in front of the Palmer Engineering Building. We will later move into the ASME Student lounge on the second floor of the Palmer Engineering Building to go over this year’s plans.

Bring friends, an open mind, and some creative ideas.

We will be discussing this year’s fund-raising goals and working on getting in contact with our sponsors from last year. Thank you letters need to be sent out to our old sponsors along with sponsorship packets detailing this year’s new donation levels. New sponsors need to be contacted and sent sponsorship packets.

As for design, the design team has been working diligently all summer on coming up with the best bike we can build. We have a preliminary design for this year’s ASME event going and we will be presenting it to everyone else at the meeting. The design is absolutely not set in stone and is entirely open to changes, so remember to bring those creative ideas!

For anyone not familiar with the ASME Human Powered Vehicle Challenge event, click this link and read up.

See you all there!