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The spring semester has started and the prototype build is nearing completion.  Photos and updates of the team’s progress through the semester can be found right here, so stay posted!  The best way to stay connected to the UNR Human Powered Vehicle Team is to subscribe to our website!  If you are a student at UNR and want to help out with the team or just come and see what were all about, meeting times are scheduled as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday at 6:30 in the Palmer Engineering Lounge.

Going into the semester, we have a lot of work to get done, as always we are in need of your help!  If you are a local northern Nevada business and would like to contribute to the team’s efforts this year, click over to our sponsor page and contact us with your info.  We will send you an information packet detailing how to sponsor the team.  All sponsors are represented through stickers on our vehicle’s outer shell and display of their logo on our homepage.

Those sponsors donating over $1000 receive a much larger sticker on our travel trailer.  This trailer goes with us to every competition and, for the remainder of the year, is parked in the upper lots at a perfect location for football season tailgate party advertising.

Back the Pack and become a sponsor today!


Qdoba Mexican Grill hosted a fundraising event for the team three weeks ago.  20% of all purchases made by customers presenting this flyer were  donated to the UNR Human Powered Vehicle Team.  We cannot thank the Qdoba on North McCarran enough for helping the team out on their quest for 1st place at this year’s ASME Human Powered Vehicle Challenge! Directions to the participating Qdoba Restaurant can be found below.

Details for the 2010 East and West Coast ASME Human Powered Vehicle Challenges have been announced.

The East Coast competition will be hosted by Central Connecticut University on May 7-9, and the West Coast event will be hosted by California State University-Northridge on April 23-25.

The UNR Human Powered Vehicle Challenge Team is still looking for sponsors and we are halfway to our fundraising goal for this year.   If you would like to join our team of sponsors or would like more information regarding the team, click the “Become A Sponsor” Tab above this post.

Sierra Nevada Corporation is the newest sponsor of the 2010 UNR Human Powered Vehicle Team!  Thank you to Scott Waters and everyone over at SNC for their help and support with this year’s bike.  SNC and Scott have also offered FEA and CFD advisement for the team’s design.  This will really help us to build the fastest and safest design possible.  Thanks again to SNC and Scott!

If you or your company would like to sponsor the 2010 UNR Human Powered Vehicle Team, have a look at our sponsorship page for more information.

The UNR Human Powered Vehicle event a couple weeks ago at the GE campus in Minden, NV went better than we could have ever imagined.  The General Manager of GE Nevada and a many other GE Nevada employees got a chance to ride Waldo, last year’s entry into ASME’s Human Powered Vehicle Challenge, and some even got the nerve to climb onto the tall bike!  We cannot thank Lee Bonner enough for setting up this event, it was great to meet one of our main sponsors face to face and show off to them what we had been working on all last year.  Click here to read the full article published in the Record Courier.  Thank you GE for your continued support of the UNR Human Powered Vehicle Team.

GE General Manager Riding Waldo

GE General Manager Riding Waldo