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2008 and 2009 UNR Human Powered Vehicle Teams

The UNR Human Powered Vehicle Team is a 100% student run bicycle design team.  We compete in the annual American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Human Powered Vehicle Challenge.  We design, build and ride a new innovative and high performance vehicle each year.  Our designs are tested using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software programs.   Elements such as structural integrity and aerodynamics are tested and analyzed using these programs.  The vehicles we create are made of materials ranging from steel and aluminum to carbon fiber and kevlar.

In the 2008/09 competition, UNR submitted two steel frame three-wheeled vehicle designs.  All preliminary structural and aerodynamic testing was performed by undergraduate students.  Last year’s bikes were standouts at the competition.  UNR’s “Carmen” bike placed 1st in the utility race event and 2nd overall in Utility.  The “Waldo” bike placed 6th in the Endurance, 10th in the Sprint Event and 6th overall out of the 25 teams competing.  In each year that UNR has competed in the past decade, the team has placed among the top ten overall and last year was the first time UNR placed 1st.

The 2010 UNR Human Powered Vehicle Challenge Team will be submitting a three-wheeled low-profile trike design with certain innovative features that we are still in the process of creating.  This single design will compete in all three competition disciplines; Utility, Sprint, and Endurance.  Because this design is so advanced, compared to previous bikes, the UNR Team has already begun preliminary testing and design.

We look forward to having another successful year and are hoping to bring back the 1st place trophy in the single rider event.  If time and finances permit, we will be attempting to compete at both the West and East Coast competitions, something UNR has never done before and something that only two other teams nationwide do.

For questions or inquiries regarding the UNR team, please feel free to email Michael Chilton or Tom Kerr.