SR 105We had an awesome time out at the Battle Mountain Human Powered Vehicle Championships on Friday.  Watched the early morning qualifying runs and even got to help out and compete in the drag races held later in the day!  We witnessed three world records get set during the evening races.  Sam Wittingham broke his own record going 82.8 mph, Barbara Buatois broke the record she set earlier in the week at 75.4 mph, and Greg Westlake set the handcycle world record at 44.4 mph!  An amazing feat by all three riders.  This really shows just how efficient and powerful a Human Powered Vehicle can be.

Click the above pictures or this link to check out all the pictures we got at Friday’s event and be sure to look at the videos too.  The video of Sam going 82 mph is insane; most people don’t believe it is a human powered vehicle in the video!

More pictures from the whole week of racing, along with speed results and more can be found at here.